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Recovery is a by-product of a relationship with Christ

Christ Centered Recovery Program

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Substance abuse is destroying the lives of countless individuals and their families. We at Hope Center exist to show them the way to true freedom over addiction, just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ. Our program uses biblical principles along with a spiritual 12 step program to prepare each individual for an encounter with Christ. It is our firm belief that sobriety is a bi-product of a relationship with Jesus and we have made it our mission to not stop until every addict is a devout follower of Christ. We offer a 12 month program consisting of 3 phases which are designed to introduce our residents into a life free from the bondage of addiction and give them purpose and independence as they become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. 


Family Support

Addiction not only affects the individual but also their entire family. We at Hope Center offer resources for family members to help heal the wounds that addiction has caused them, as well as giving them the tools necessary to help their loved ones on their journey. Recovery begins with the resident, but it involves the entire family. With this in mind, we have developed a portion of our program to ensure that the families of our residents are able to participate in the recovery of their loved ones in a safe and structured environment.

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Church Involvement

Families will be given the opportunity to attend one of our sponsor churches and grow in their faith as they watch their loved ones do the same. Families will be a welcomed guest of any of our sponsor churches, which offers children’s ministry along with many avenues to fulfill their own calling to serve as the body of Christ in a wonderful and spiritual atmosphere.

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Restoration and Passes

The restoration of a family can be a lengthy process after any battle with substance abuse. We offer a gradual approach to doing this with a visitation schedule which allows family members to attend church services and meetings with their loved ones from day one. Then as our residents begin to phase up, approved family members will be able to take their loved ones on an off campus pass for up to 6 hours twice a month.

Once residents reach the final phase of our program, families will have an open line of communication with their loved ones and be able to spend time with the residents within the constraints of a mandatory curfew. This is also where the residents will begin to receive wages and will be able to offer financial support for their family.

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