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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Hope Center apart from many recovery programs?

Hope Center Ministries is unapologetically Christ-centered. Every good attribute of the program and every success story is directly linked to Him. Out of this dedication to Christ "We Do Everything For the Good of the Resident". For us, each decision made from top-level leadership to center leadership revolves around the resident and their goal of recovery, family restoration, and a better future following graduation. 

What is Hope Center’s approach to residents that have legal?

Our Admissions Coordinators serve as a liaison for any resident that has legal.

The Admissions Coordinator assigned to the resident will submit monthly reports to all legal personnel requested by the resident and/or the court and work to keep all known legal organized and current. This service is provided so that residents may focus fully on their recovery.

Does Hope Center provide detox services?

No, we do not provide detox services. However; our Admissions Coordinators can provide references for reputable detox services.

Are family members allowed to visit residents in the program?

Yes, we believe that recovery is most effective when a loving, supportive family unit is active in the restoration process. Here are a few ways that families can be active in their loved one's recovery:

  • - Weekly Family Support (Fridays at 6:00 p.m.)

  • - Weekend Visitation (after 30 days in the program)

  • - Weekend Passes (after 45 days in the program)

  • - Weekly Celebrate Recovery

  • - Weekend Church Service

What other amenities are provided in the program?

One of our core values is “We Have Fun, Laugh Hard, And Embrace Adventure.” Because of this core conviction, Hope Center Ministries is dedicated to providing extracurricular benefits that complement the day-to-day recovery of each resident. A few of these benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • - Gym Memberships (Weekly opportunities to exercise)

  • - Saturday Fun Day (i.e. Lake-day, Paintball, Skydiving, etc).

  • - Weekend Retreats (i.e. visits to mountains, beaches, lakes, etc.)

  • - Snack Shack (Readily accessible snacks at each location)

Are applicants turned away if they cannot submit the admissions fee?

It is our desire that no one is turned away based on their inability to pay the full $700.00 Admissions Fee toward the One Year Program. In areas of need, Hope Center Ministries is connected with many donors who are willing to contribute toward the Admissions Fee for residents to enter the program. 

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