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Tales of Transformation: Leo Morris

At Hope Center Ministries we celebrate our residents and the power of faith to transform their lives for the better, and today we congratulate Mr. Leo Morris from our Clarksville, Tennessee facility on an incredible recovery journey!

When Leo first came to Hope Center Ministries he did so with only hours to live due to a leg infection resulting from years of living on the street. In the ~18 months since Leo began his recovery he's become a Community Leader for the Clarksville house, completed his program, and continued serving our ministry in the role of Night Monitor. Perhaps most importantly, he restored his relationship with his children and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Leo's story is only one of many from the residents of Hope Center, and exactly the type of success we work so hard to create!

Thank you Leo for showing off what our ministry is all about: true life change through the healing power of Christ.



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