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Tales of Transformation: Jon Rigney

At Hope Center Ministries we know that there are times when we have to be brought low before we can begin to build ourselves back up anew. This process is never easy, but it's often necessary to experience true change. We celebrate this transformation in all of our residents, and today we do so through the testimony of Jon Rigney.

Prior to coming to Hope Center Ministries, Jon was no stranger to what he describes as the 'Church Life'. As the son of a fundamentalist preacher in the Independent Baptist tradition, he was given visions of Fire and Brimstone straight from the pulpit and at home from a young age; but like many, Jon came away from these sermons experiencing not peace, but fear — of a God he felt he barely understood.

In his teen years Jon was drawn toward drugs, and believed he had finally found the peace that had for so long eluded him in church. He, like so many others, loved the sin that he found himself engulfed in, but over time found that this peace was counterfeit. On July 27th, 2019, Jon found his turning point. Through repentance and deep study of Scripture, Jon began a long journey of both physical and spiritual recovery.

While completing his program with Hope Center, Jon found purpose through service to others as both a First Phase Leader and Cook for the house, and continued this service through an Apprenticeship at our Axton, VA location. Following his apprenticeship Jon went on to become the Campus Director for our Mt. Airy, NC location, where he continues to serve those in need as he was so graciously served by others before him.

In Jon's own words, "I can't fully understand all of it. It makes no sense to me sometimes. I am so undeserving of God's grace, but instead of looking at my merit, He looked at my need for Him."

Thank you Jon for sharing this powerful testimony, and for continuing to serve as a role model for the men of our Mt. Airy campus and beyond!


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