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Tales of Transformation: John Collom

As we take an opportunity to celebrate another story of transformation through Christ courtesy of Hope Center, we do so by recognizing the journey of Sikeston, MO graduate John Collom!

For years John struggled with substance abuse, feeling trapped in a cycle of addiction and despair. When one becomes stuck in these cycles it's very easy to believe that there's simply nothing left for us; but in Hope Center Ministries John found not only sobriety, but a renewed sense of purpose, connection and community in our Lord and Savior.

Through his unwavering conviction in Jesus Christ, John found the strength to confront his demons. Prayer, scripture study, and the support of his faith community around him provided the foundation he needed to rebuild his life. John immersed himself in the teachings of Jesus, discovering a profound sense of hope and redemption, and developed a renewed sense of self-worth guided by the belief that he was loved and valued as a child of God. His faith empowered him to forgive himself and others for past misdeeds, which for so many is one of the first steps on the journey to lasting recovery.

After completing his program with Hope Center John became the Campus Director for our Sikeston, MO location, where to this day he serves as a role model for our residents both in the Sikeston house and beyond. Through his service in helping others walk the same spiritual path to recovery that he once walked, his story stands as a powerful testament to the life-changing impact that Jesus Christ can have on our lives.

If you'd like the chance to experience this same kind of transformation, don't wait!

Contact our Admissions Coordinators or visit our website today to find out what a program with Hope Center Ministries can do for you.


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