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Tales of Transformation: Chad Barbe

Welcome back to another Transformation Tuesday — our weekly opportunity to recognize an exceptional story of change in the life of one of our residents. This week, we're recognizing the transformation of Waverly, TN graduate Chad Barbe!

Chad grew up without the influence of the church, finding himself locked in the grips of addiction from the young age of 12. Over the years he found himself in and out of prison, each time seeming to get his life together just enough to have hope for the future, before eventually sabotaging his happiness by returning to the vices that brought him low.

In 2019 Chad was at his lowest. He was divorced for the second time, looking at 18 years in prison, and felt like his own family had turned their back on him. It was at this point Chad found a new path — one that began by accepting Jesus Christ into his heart.

Chad entered Hope Center in Waverly, TN, and describes his time in the program as one of 'the most difficult, and most fulfilling' choices he's ever made. He began to understand that his past would continue to repeat itself if he continued to live in it, but with the support of his family and church, he was able to find a new path forward by forging a personal relationship with God.

Chad graduated from our Waverly location in 2020 and states that his life hasn't been the same since. He's restored his relationship with his wife and children (including 5 grandchildren!), worked to open a new Hope Center in Sikeston, MO, and now serves our ministry as the Regional Recovery Pastor for the state of Tennessee.

Chad's latest success is in the opening of a new Hope Center in Cheatham County, TN; the same county that only 5 years ago he was serving time in! The beauty of Chad's full-circle journey is one of the many reasons we recognize his testimony today.

If you're ready to experience the transformation that Christ has in store for your life, Hope Center Admissions Coordinators are ready to help you on your journey. Reach out today!


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