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Tales of Transformation: Angie Bandy

For those battling drug addiction, finding strength in faith can be a beacon of hope in the darkest of times. Through this strength we are empowered towards true life change, and today we celebrate that incredible success story through Angela Bandy!

Angie began her recovery journey with Hope Center Ministries at our Portland, TN Women's Center in June 2021. At the time she was on a temporary furlough from prison, with a potential 10-year sentence hanging over her head for drug-related offenses. It was then that she was offered a second chance with Hope Center.

Far from taking this second chance for granted, Angie states that after only 30 days in our program she felt a personal call from God to "fight the good fight", and quickly distinguished herself by taking an interest not just in her own recovery, but in the way she could make an impact on the journeys of all of those around her.

After completing her program in 2022 Angie continued her path of service with Hope Center; first as a Campus Director Intern, and then as a full Campus Director in her own right for our Women's Center in Wytheville, VA! 

Angie describes being scared of leaving everything and everyone that she knew behind to start this new career path, but that she knew in her heart that it was her calling; that with Hope Center Ministries, helping others, was exactly where she needed to be.

Angie will soon be bringing her recovery full circle and returning to where that journey all began: our Portland, TN Women's Center. This time not as a resident, but as its new Director! We recognize Angie as a living testament to the power of faith-based recovery and for all her hard work inspiring others on their own journeys of healing and transformation.


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