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Your Donation

Gives Hope

We are able to keep our fees affordable through fundraising, private donations, community support, and funds generated through our work program.  Here is a look at how we are funded. As you can see, your donation is a vital part of continuing the work of this ministry.  


"The Hope Center to me wasn't just a place that I went and found recovery and found Jesus' love, it was my NEW BEGINNING"

Startup Locations

Hope Center Ministries has new startup locations coming soon but we need your help to make them a reality. Give today and help a startup location bring Hope to communities all around the world.


Hope For


We have many men and women apply that do not have the funding to pay for it. Unfortunately most addicts' families have either spent all they can on previous treatment, or they have burned too many bridges to receive help. Hope For Recovery raises money to help sponsor men and women through the program. 100% of everything given goes straight to a sponsorship. By giving to Hope For Recovery, you will help make hope happen in the lives of men and women.



Without the support of volunteers, we would not be a successful ministry. We realize that one of the most valuable gifts you can give is your time. Volunteering is an investment in the lives of the residents and without your help help we would not see their lives changed.

volunteer in these areas

Weekend Duty

Lead A Bible Study

Mentor Residents

Host Events



Help Admin Office


Sponsor A Resident

One of the things that contributes to a successful recovery is the support of family and friends. Many addicts are desperate for recovery but lack the funds to pay for the program. You have an opportunity to make a huge impact in someones life by sponsoring a resident.


Bring Hope To Your Community

One reason we are seeing lives changed all over the world is because of our relationship with the local church. Each Hope Center location is strategically tied to a local church and without that relationship, Hope Center Ministries would never be able to see the lives changed like we are. We are always looking for new churches to work with and help bring a Hope Center to their community.

Next Steps

We would love to take the next steps in building a relationship with your church. We want to make sure our heart and vision is in alignment and your churches DNA matches ours.