vocational rehabilitation & training

An objective of our ministry is to offer a low-cost, faith-based alternative to secular treatment facilities, which can cost thousands of dollars per month.

HCM works to keep the program affordable by holding fundraisers, building lasting relationships with private donors, community support, and funds generated through our Vocational Training program. 

During the process of recovery, it is vital that residents learn to be integrated into a work environment that provides them with on-the-job skills and the opportunity to learn responsibility, acquiring healthy work practices, and learning how to sustain a job overall. 

Work Therapy is an essential part of teaching our residents how to “live out” recovery by allowing them to experience real-life situations within the workforce combined with a healthy, nurturing environment to return to when work is done for the day.

To summarize, the Work Therapy program of Hope Center Ministries is integral to our ministry. it serves two purposes:

1. It has a tremendous impact on the resident’s recovery by teaching them the importance of establishing a sound work ethic while keeping their recovery a priority.

2. It provides additional income for the ministry that helps to offset costs and to allow us to keep our admission fees as low
as possible.


What we provide

Insurance & Liability
Provides worker's compensation and commercial & general liability insurance to all work crew members at no expense to your company.


Provides transportation and will guarantee that all personnel contracted by the employer are present each day

Drug Screening

Provides all drug screening in house and at no cost to the employer

Employment Readiness

Teaches work crews ethics and morals at the beginning of the program in order to be best equipped for a work environment


Most residents are offered the opportunity to continue working for the company assigned to them after graduating from the program.

Community Relations

By our partnership with employers, we are changing lives and helping our community, socially and economically.

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