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Krisha & Chris

"The Hope Center truly is what family is all about and that you don't give up!"

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"Before the Hope Center, I was broken and hopeless and I didn't really care that I was broken and hopeless. Today nothing can get in my way without me having hope"



"It wasn't until I went through the Hope Center that I realized what God actually wanted from me. It wasn't for me to believe in Him, it was to follow Him"


Carson Plant

"In June of 2007, HCM opened, and I was the first resident. Going in to Hope Center as a new believer, HCM taught me how to live as a Christian man and gave me the tools to deal with my past."


Anthony Sims

"Hope Center, through God, truly saved my life. Blessed doesn't even begin to describe the life I lead these days. Today I am a little over 4yrs clean and it amazes me how far God has brought me in such a short time."