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Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Hope Center Ministries continues to offer the critical and essential services for providing hope to those needing to overcome addiction. We take seriously the lives we have been entrusted with and have taken the following measures to protect the safety of our community:

On March 13th, HCM declared a ban on nonessential travel to limit COVID-19 exposure. That same day an all-directors meeting was called to update the community on the COVID-19 situation. Directors were provided with resources for staying informed, detecting symptoms, best practices for center hygiene, signage, gatherings, work and staff care. Our directors were quick to action in implementing all recommended best practices from the CDC for hygiene, awareness, communication and more. This HCM Coronavirus Taskforce has met weekly since, continuing to remain informed and brainstorm ideas for protecting those under our care. All Hope Center Ministries staff follow guidance from health professionals and governing authorities specific to their area.

In addition to implementing hygiene best practices, an admissions questionnaire was developed by our Admissions team to include in the overall application process. Information regarding travel to or from high-risk areas, exposure to COVID-19 and symptoms exhibited by the person applying for admission are among the questions being asked in order to screen those coming into the center.

On March 17th, all March fundraisers were rescheduled in compliance with recommendations about large gatherings from government agencies and health officials. To limit exposure, based on the information available at that time and in line with policies we were seeing from hospitals at the time, we chose to limit visitations as follows: one visitor per resident, entering through one entrance where all visitor’s fevers were checked at the door, hygiene signs are posted and hand sanitizer is available for immediate use upon entrance. In compliance with government recommendations, Hope Center residents were limited to leaving the center for work and specific authorized group activities in nonpublic areas like for fishing, parks, and other places where exposure to the virus would be greatly limited.

In line with our vision of Restoring Lives, Restoring Families and Restoring Communities, we know how critical it is for families to remain in contact with their loved ones, so on March 24th, Hope Center Ministries announced a new Online Visitation initiative, where residents are now able to schedule time visiting with their families through electronic devices any day of the week. HCM is implementing similar strategies for counselors and Bible study leaders as they carry out the critical services they provide to our community through online means.

The safety of our residents, families, visitors, and staff remains Hope Center’s highest priority. As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, Hope Center Ministries is monitoring the situation closely, and will periodically update company guidance based on current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, Prevention, and the World Health Organization.

Though we are experiencing the same pressures that many are facing during this crisis, Hope Center Ministries will continue to help people struggling with addiction and rescue them from the addiction pandemic they face on a daily basis. Any donation you can give to help further the ministry would be gratefully accepted during these trying times.

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